Women Boot Trends

There is perhaps no other year that women have ever been confronted with such a wide-ranging choice when it comes to fashion boots. As it stands women are now spoilt with all manner of options by the 2010 women boots designs and brands. For all colors, lengths, design features, materials, sizes, heel heights and other additional features, women boot trends of 2010 are a real spoil. For women who adore boots, there are graceful ankle boots, three-quarter boots and even knee-high boots designed to perfection. When we talk about 2010 women boot trends we are talking about what is hot, comfortable, stylish and definitely sexy.

For purposes of illustrating the range of choice available in women boot trends of 2010 let us review some of the sexiest, stylish and super-hot boots in the market. You will find your taste, preference and class well catered for this decade, or so it seems, from the outset of 2010.

women boot trends

The first option that is trendy right now is the full-length boot that goes to the full breadth of that description. We are talking about the all-new over-the-knee women boots. Alternatively, these boots are being called thigh high boots, ultra-tall boots or full-spread leg boots. Just call them what you wish but these boots are hot and they are emerging to be the choice fashion trend currently for many women. Boots with tall shafts have been redesigned not only to make them an extremely comfortable wear but probably the most stylish trend of women boots this season. You are given the option of choosing between low heeled or high-heeled thigh high boots. If you fancy this 2010 women boot trend then you will have the advantage of easy-to-wear, versatile thigh high boots that could blend supremely well with short skirts and dresses. Moreover, they are ideal to tuck your jeans into.

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Secondly, the slouch boots are back in fashion, and with a resounding boom. In many fashion circles around the world slouch boots are finding their way back to the 2010 women boots scene. Not only have the flat and casual slouch boots returned to the pinnacle of fashion but they have come accompanied by some other amazing design features. This time around you have the choice of dressier slouch boots with heels and platforms to match your preference and taste.

Slouch boots fashion

Next on line in the women boot trends of 2010 are the flat/low heel snow boots (snow boots with high heels don’t look that great anyway). For those girls who adore tall dresses and frail skirts this is the perfect choice. The low heels are especially finding a popular fan base among the women who have to walk a lot.

Another phenomenal eventuality marked by the women boot trends of 2010 is the preference for buckled and belted boots. Most of the boots above have belts and buckles as their additional design features in the new versions. This is because belts and buckles are slowly finding their way into many women shoe styles especially in boots. Though straps are still in fashion, belted and buckled 2010 women boot styles have now become a fashion trend of women footwear in their own right. You will find belts, wraps, ties, laces, and other strap-on mechanisms in most urban boot styles regardless of the heel height.


Classic cardy boots are also items to watch among the trendiest 2010 women boots. Their colorful and wool blend knit uppers are usually complemented by a majestic sheepskin sock liner to maximize their comfort. One addition to the 2010 women boot trends in design of the classic cardy boots is the super-light and extremely flexible outsole braced with a refined suede heel guard. This not only enhances the comfort of the wearer but it also makes the boots very durable. Women especially love the cardy design since it can be styled up, buttoned, slouched unbuttoned partially or completely cuffed.

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The iconic Sundance boots have also embraced a refined look to be incorporated in the 2010 women boot trends. The boots now feature exposed sheepskin typical of UGG boots Australia brand. Not only is the boot extremely comfortable given that it is made from the finest sheepskin in a twin-faced style but it also features a removable fleece insole. Mylar lining also provides the extra warmth needed in cold weather. Their toe guards and reinforced suede heel increase durability while the rubber lugged outsole ensures that you have some extra traction to avoid slipping.

These are just but a few of the options available and currently topping the 2010 women boot trends. Go out to the market and conduct some online searches. You will be amazed with the range of choice offered by the women boot trends of 2010.