Woman Nature & Shoe Addiction

Woman nature is different than man’s nature. Both genders have particular tendencies. Men are interested in cars more than women are. And women pay attention for their physical appearance more than men do. Are these innate features or imposed by culture and social life? This is an eternal debate, same as whether men are instinctively polygamous or not.

Female Beauty

Female beauty is always a center of attention and women are always related to physical attraction. Feminists say that all those beauty staff are imposed by men. However, this is a tragic rejection of their true selves. If beauty is imposed by men, then why is a 3 years-old girl charmed by a cute dress or a pair of bright red shoes and begins her first make-up trials? Or why does a 90 years-old woman still ask whether she is still beautiful or not? For men? Women in all ages and throughout the world feel good when they are satisfied with their physical appearance. This is more than the desire of pleasing men, even though charming them also makes women feel good.

Woman nature and shoe addiction

Woman nature and shoe addiction

Female soul and body are harmonious and a whole. When a woman is left by her boyfriend, first thing she does is buying a pair of high heel shoes or changing her hair style. This is a good therapy as female mood changes with physical appearance. If a woman thinks she has put on weight, she cannot feel self confident, even when she has a great achievement in her career. In the same way, a woman looks much more brighter and attractive when she is happy and cheerful. This is woman nature.

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According to a market research, shoes are no more a girl’s best friend, but the electronics. Can ipods and plasma TVs be compared to a pair of sexy high heel shoes?

Technology and culture has been changing so rapidly in recent decades and this dazzling momentum sometimes causes corruption and loss of gender differences. Men look more feminine. They are no more hunters or warriors and they don’t need masculine features as much as in the past. And women look more masculine. Their priority is business life rather than maternity or physical appearance. Unfortunately, in modern times, women prefer flat and ugly shoes to elegant high heel shoes and masculine-looking, boring suits to lively dresses flowing rhythmically. Women are after status and power in men’s world but a masculine look is not the only way. Remember the actresses in old movies, ladies in diamonds, furs and elegant, sexy high heel shoes. In the age of technology, people lose aesthetic taste. Actually, all men are charmed with beauty and all women feel self-confident when they notice men’s admiring gaze on themselves. However, women of our time seem unaware of this. This is not slavery of women, this has been the way women make men their slaves for ages until now. An old lady stops a young girl on the way and tells her how she was wearing high heel shoes one size smaller than her actual size to look more beautiful and advises her to wear high heel shoes while she is still young and beautiful. All those women of the past were voluntary for suffering from pain for the sake of their beauty.

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Shoe Addiction: Primary Weakness of Woman

Shoe addiction is something special to woman nature. Dresses, furs, jewelry, corsets, make up, breast implants and many more things help women look and feel more beautiful. But shoes have a special place in female beauty. High heel shoes make woman body look more attractive. Looking taller on a pair of high heel shoes make women walk more confidently and with powerful steps. Why men get crazy for women with elegant and sexy stilettos? They are either charmed by shapely and sexy looking legs or by the self confidence of women who walk in such shoes. In fact both sides are pleased with the magic of sexy high heel shoes.

Women sometimes feel depressed when they put on weight and think that the garments they wear do not look attractive. However, well cared feet always look beautiful with sexy stilettos. Shoes are always available and charming. There are infinite number of styles and colors. Each pair goes better with a specific apparel. Also shoe fashion changes very frequently, adding excitement to woman’s life. Women, who are fond of their beauty can never get satisfied with a few pair of shoes although they can go on with only one man for a lifetime easily. Shoe addiction is more common than man addiction and high heel shoes will remain as a girl’s best friend forever.