Secretary Shoes

Modern fashions trends have come up with something they are calling the secretary look. Besides having a formal dressing sense, toned down make up and pleasant hairstyle, the secretary look comes with a specific type of secretary shoes. This look was once the confine of women who worked as secretaries but it is currently spreading to women with other occupations around office settings. The secretary look is classy, consistent, simple to maintain, uncompromisingly decent and more importantly quite sexy.

One defining characteristic of secretary shoe trends is that they are comfortable to walk around with and that they can easily be worn for prolonged periods without any strain. The greatest mistake a secretary can make is to come to work in stilettos. Not only are such high secretary heels unbecoming to an office setting where you have to be moving around frequently, they are also risky to wear for as many hours as a secretary works.

Secretary shoes

To achieve the so-called secretary look however, you have to be very precise in your selection of outfits and accessories. The most important guideline for the purposes of this article is the secretary shoes selection. Not everyone who has seen Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City might realize how tough it is to lead a high-heeled lifestyle. To most women who have to brace their days with a six-inch high heel, pain in the feet is never a distant reality. It might have been unrealistically easy for Bradshaw to chase taxis and men in the streets and dogs in the park when wearing 6-inch high heels. However, every woman who has ever walked around the office with a 4-inch stiletto will know how fictious that is. Instead of running up and down in the stilettos most corporate life women (including secretaries) will prefer either platform high heels or low-heeled shoes.

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To begin with, the height of your heel determines how severe your weight imbalance is and how much your toes are strained. Wearing extreme high heeled shoe designs should not be done as regularly as a secretary might wish. However if you still insist on high heels you can either buy platform high heels or some medium height heels standing at around 2.5 inches for everyday wear. The six-inch stilettos should be left for the occasional wear when you simply have to adorn your sexiest outfit. Extreme secretary heels can still be worn once a week without bringing complications, that is if you can walk in them in the office comfortably.

The rule of thumb in determining the ideal height of your heel especially when you have to wear the shoes for prolonged durations is to try to raise your toes on your heel. If you can make an inch’s distance between the toes and the floor you are safe. However, if the toes cannot leave the ground you will definitely have issues with those shoes after wearing them for a while.

Secretary Heels

There is an exemption however for those secretaries who stay seated for the entire day.  They can wear high heels frequently and for longer durations. The problem is that secretary heels are not very comfortable to wear when seated and working. Consequently, many secretaries remove their shoes immediately they take a seat and only wear them when they have to stand up and probably go somewhere.

Basically, the most ideal typical secretary shoes are low-heeled open shoes. They are easy to walk with around the office and also comfortable to wear when seated for prolonged durations. Backless secretary shoes are also in fashion and they are preferred by those women who like to remove their shoes when seated behind a desk. Backless shoes can be removed and slipped on without too much of a hustle.

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You also might have noted that many secretaries love to sit with their legs crossed most of the time when they are not behind a desk. In most instances they will be wearing shoes with an open front. This helps display their recently painted fingernails. Funny enough this has also become a sensational aspect of secretary shoe trends not only for secretaries but also for all those who love secretary shoe designs.

Secretary Shoe Designs

The classification of secretary shoes is not yet a fixed category of women fashion but they are picking on. In this age when medical practitioners and various health advocacies have raised up in arms against high heels secretary shoes seem headed for greater popularity. The decision must however be left to you. Wear what you feel is right, comfortable and still fashionable. You do not have to compromise on your taste of trendy and chic fashion just because you are a secretary. Make a choice that goes perfectly in harmony with your taste, preference and comfort.