High Heeled Shoes Justified!

If you are a shoe addict, you must have heard about the latest studies about the benefits of high heeled shoes for sexual life of women. If you are still unaware of this revolution, now you have an opportunity to learn about it and love your high heeled shoes more. This is much more important than what is going on at Cern, for a shoe addict.

Of course, high heeled shoes make your curves look wonderful, you are taller, and more than that, you feel more sexy and self confident. High heels are not so comfortable but they are a kind of magical psychological support for women. We all know these advantages. But a recent study showed that high heeled shoes are helpful also to strengthen the muscles that are used during sex, which means more pleasure for women and men.

Healthy Heels!

Healthy Heels!

This may cause a dispute between urologists and podiatrists. Physicians always declare that wearing high heeled shoes cause back pains and knee problems and have orthopedically negative effects. However, if the result of this study is correct, it means that high heel lovers will not need any Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles for more pleasure. Instead, all the flat shoe wearing girls will start exercises with high heeled shoes.

Lots of men will also support this new study for sure, as they like seeing sexier women with lovely curves all around. Besides, they will have an advantage of getting more pleasure with those women who try high heels for the sake of their health!

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Although high heeled shoes make women more attractive and help to get more pleasure, it is obvious that it is not easy to stand on those all the day. From back to toes, they give some pain. High heels cannot be abandoned totally but might be used smartly. For daily use, you might prefer round or square toe pumps with chunky heels. These will be more comfortable than the high stiletto heels. Also a little bit platform can absorb the shock when you walk. You can wear your sexier pointy toe shoes and stilettos for special evenings. Also you may have a pair of flat shoes with you to change whenever you have opportunity to relax, maybe in the car and for emergency cases when you cannot stand the pain of your feet. So that, you can still have strong muscles to get and give more pleasure and limit the time with your lovely high stiletto heels to avoid negative effects.

Are you still reading? Why don’t you own a new attractive pair of fashionable high heeled shoes now to see whether the study results are correct? Just test them and observe your partner’s reaction. Some fun is waiting for high heel lovers…

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