Giuseppe Zanotti

What is fashionable is relative. But not so for Giuseppe Zanotti women’s shoes, they are simply hip, cool and trendy. That single image has reverberated across the globe, with a resounding singular note of fashion.

The earliest known community to wear shoes was approximately 20,000 years ago. One thing is for sure, that even then there were designer shoes for the woman of class. Shoe addict women, love shoes in a way that shows an innate predisposition towards what is elegant in style, beautiful in design and articulate in feet comfort. Every modern woman, celebrity or not, knows what it feels like to be in the flow of what’s popular. The sexy symbol of a woman’s shoe, the austere nature of a shoe that matches an outfit, the stylish ambience of comfort in luxury, is what it means to wear a Giuseppe shoe today. While every fashion label has an image that it protects, an image is created by great marketing, Giuseppe Zanotti footwear have one distinct image that is created by their design and style rather than by a marketing department, that of being classy.

Giuseppe Zanotti Heels - Swaroski studded platform

Giuseppe Zanotti Heels – Swaroski studded platform

The Italian fashion house now spread throughout the world, has established a fashion style for itself especially among the young women in fast lane lives. Women in entertainment, travel, beauty, modeling and fashion industries are the most popular clientele for the Giuseppe Zanotti footwear, coupled with women politician who love to be in the cool of things.

The greatest of all Giuseppe Zanotti women’s shoes creation has been the sexy high-heel shoe and the T-Strap Sandal. These two designs are made with a beautiful black enriched leather material and laden with a stylish 4 1/4″ stable heel. To hem in the image of femininity, a suggestive T-strap has been styled on top to make the sexy stilettos timeless. The good thing about these and many other designs with the Giuseppe logo is that they can be worn with any outfit and for any event or occasion. There is nothing that beats the sexy high-heel shoes matched with a black or red cocktail dress. That is what irresistible means, designed to make the hearts chilled.

Giusppe Zanotti heels

Giuseppe Zanotti heels

In these days where a woman’s shoes are a fashion and taste statement for the wearer, the modern woman makes a lasting impression with Giuseppe shoe. For a relatively affordable price of £700, a woman can make trendy Giuseppe Zanotti footwear to be part of her wardrobe, a signature of her femininity and taste.
Historians agree that even 550 years ago, shoes were always worn for a purpose. But that purpose has been redefined by the modern woman, who wears the shoe for its fashion sense, for its class and for its looks. The society now watches, judges, interprets and distinguishes women based on the footwear, a challenging predicament of the female species. Ranging from runways to hottest celebrities, Giuseppe Zanotti women’s shoes have attained a repute of the ultra high class, ultra stylish and ultra sexy. Just a pair of Giuseppe’s gladiator sandals costing $1,200, makes the who’s who separated from the who’s not. The uniquely pebbled leather saddle has a sexy 4-inch heel and a dozen of straps to tie her up to the calves. It also features some edgy silver stud, meticulously woven throughout the pair of sandal. Now that is what we call class, the hip and the fashion. No wonder Beyonce could not help it but to be clad in Giuseppe Zanotti wedges during her Paris tour earlier this year.

Beyonce - Giuseppe Zanotti wedges

Beyonce – Giuseppe Zanotti wedges

During the sightseeing tour in Paris, Beyonce spotted 6 inch Giuseppe Zanotti heels. These shoes are in a line of similar clear, high-heeled wedges released by Giuseppe Zanotti in 2008. They are beautifully built without the bulk of many modern wedge shoes; actually, you can see right through the wedge which is made from a clear, durable Plexiglas material. True divas of modern times prefer such sandal designs as the Giuseppe Zanotti Vinile Trasp ranging in the price of USD$ 799.00 and USD$ 572.40. With clear leather-edged straps, the no-skid-sole stiletto towers like a platform to the height you desire on a leather-lined foot bed, for that amazingly glam vibe identical in all Giuseppe women shoes. These are just an example of the amazing quality of Giuseppe Zanotti heels, the range, colors and materials are as assorted as the tastes of women are.

Giuseppe Zanotti Footwear for Shoe Addicts

Giuseppe Zanotti Footwear for Shoe Addicts

Most designs with Giuseppe logo feature bright colors, as the clientele prefers, toned down from shouting colors like yellow, pink, white maroon. This colors when imbibed in dark leathers merge into fabulous shades that are simple ecstatic. A high heel shoe with straps varies in terms of the strap colors, ranging from colorless to the straps that take the color of the shoe itself.

Giuseppe Zanotti Wedges

Giuseppe Zanotti Wedges

Those Giuseppe Zanotti wedges preferred by Beyonce and you derserve it as much as her.

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