Foot Care For Sexy High Heels

Socrates the Greek philosopher once said, “When your feet hurt, you hurt all over”. He seems to have known how important foot care for sexy high heels is. High heel shoes are the fashion statement of women footwear. They represent the highest standards of style, elegance and class in women fashion. However, with all their gold-laced appeal, sexy high heels inflict the feet with a host of problems. Some of the prominent problems that may raid your feet consequent to prolonged periods inside high heel shoes include:

  1. Athlete’s foot
  2. Blisters
  3. Abrasion and scorching between your toes due to sweating
  4. Dry skin in areas where the high heels create friction with your feet
  5. Cracked skin
  6. Sensitive soles that make the foot care for sexy high heels a problem
  7. Coiled, bent or misshaped toes if the high heel is to narrow at the front
  8. Hard corns on the top of your toes due to continued application of pressure on the soft skin

Sexy heels with beautiful feet

To prevent these maladies and to maintain your feet ready for a high heel ride you need to adopt some basic foot care measures. Given that we are considering foot care to assist you in wearing your sexy high heels without pain or any other affliction let’s call these the tips the perfect foot care for sexy high heels.

To begin with, it is important that you understand foot care as a daily requirement and not something you do spontaneously or when you have the time. It takes only a few minutes daily to keep your feet healthy and sexy. However, if such care is not adopted you might ruin your sexy feet forever. Ensure that you wash your feet every day in some warm soapy water. Do not use hot water for whatever reason. This is a standard requirement in foot care for sexy high heels. It ensures that your feet are always in a supreme condition. Avoid the mistake of washing your feet only during the body shower since this alone cannot maintain your feet in top notch condition. Sexy high heels foot care demands that you give your feet personalized care once every day.

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Such specialist washing helps you to inspect your feet for any injuries, cracks or infections before the same aggravate to problematic levels. After a thorough washing and inspection rinse the feet and dry them thoroughly ensuring that the areas between your toes are crisp dry. If you wash and then fail to dry your feet well you will attract fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. Feet infections thrive in the moist areas of your feet.

Foot care for sexy high heels

The next step in the perfect foot care for sexy heels is to apply your choice moisturizer all over the feet except in the areas between your toes. The moisturizer helps your feet skin to keep well hydrated, soft and supple. Like in all instances of skin care, a hydrated skin cannot crack or dry off. Washing your feet and then leaving the skin bare will eventually develop complications for your high heel shoes. Another perfect idea you can try for your foot care for sexy heels is an occasional foot soak. Soaking your feet in some warm water helps relieve them from the tons of cumulative pressure they have endured all day. Wearing six-inch high heel shoes can never be feet-friendly to be realistic. Nevertheless, since that is what is trendy and sexy, the best way to go about it is to wear them and then give your feet ideal sexy heels foot care to relieve them of their affliction when the day is done.

Soaking the feet in some warm water with a tablespoon of Epsom salts, a herbal relaxative and lavender oil will give your feet the little tender and loving care they need to grace the red carpet tomorrow. A foot soak gives your feet a deserved timeout, relieves their tiredness, soothes their aching and draws out toxins from your system through the skin. The next item on the menu for perfect foot care for sexy heels is of course a massage. Massaging your feet helps relax them and draw blood back to areas that might have been too restricted for blood to flow into. Use a vegetable-based massage oil such as sesame oil, olive oil and several drops of high-quality essential oils. If you can afford some rose, sandalwood or lavender, buy some for massage. Such sexy heels foot care leaves your feet relaxed and calm.

Perfect foot care

Perfect foot care

You will also be well advised to reduce wearing your high heel shoes for prolonged durations. Perfect foot care for sexy high heels demands that you do not wear any high heels exceeding 4 inches for over five hours in a row. If this happens for some days ensure that it does not become the norm since your feet need some relief. If you can choose sexy high heels made from soft leather instead of synthetic materials the better. This Christmas ensure that you clad your sexy high heels in style but don’t forget to accompany the same with proper sexy heels foot care.